Every year as the weather turns cooler, I start getting excited about the upcoming opportunities to create stunning portraits of children in my Niagara studio. As a children’s portrait photographer, I strive to capture images that truly show the unique character of each and every child, and to ensure that the kids have a great experience.

While I do love photographing big, genuine smiles, it’s never my goal. As the father of a young child, I know full well that kids have a million expressions - each endearing in their own way. Whether it’s a smile, a pout, a silly face or some totally unique, quirky expression, those looks are all priceless to us parents and together show the character of our favourite humans. The greatest, and fortunately most frequent comment I hear, is that I was able to capture images that truly reflect the personality of the child. Even when a child isn’t feeling particularly cooperative (and we all know how that can be), the parents are amazed at the stunning images I’m able to capture.

One of the many reasons I love working in the studio is that I am fully in control of the lighting. The origin of the word photography itself basically means ‘drawing with light’. Images that have been properly lit stand out from those that aren’t and instantly showcase the skill level of the photographer who has made them. As you look through the images in this gallery, you’ll see a variety of lighting styles, each chosen purposefully to fulfil the vision I had for that particular session.

Since 2009 clients have been coming to me from throughout the Niagara Region. From St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Port Colborne, Fort Erie and all points in between, I have become known as a creative portrait photographer with meticulous attention to detail. I like to employ a variety of editing styles that I feel best suit the particular images I’m working on.

Though I love photographing portraits outdoors, especially in the many scenic locations in the Niagara Region, there are some definite advantages to studio sessions, all associated in one way or another with the weather. I do often use studio lighting outdoors too, but the quality, timing and amount of natural light is out of my control. Studio sessions on the other hand are not dependent on weather which means we will never be rained out and the light will be perfect every time and any time.

Some kids (especially fashion-conscious girls) love the excitement of being in a studio with big lights all around. It’s their chance to shine and be a star! Of course, some kids don’t have much interest in it all and are anxious or fussy. Being on the quieter side of the personality spectrum myself, I’m happy to tone down the atmosphere and let those quieter or disinterested kids find their comfort zone in my studio without pressuring them to be someone they’re not (or not at the moment). I don’t schedule back to back sessions and I’m never in a hurry to finish. Each and every session is as important to me as it is to you, and I’ll gladly spend the time needed to ensure you are blown away by the images I create for you.

When booking your session, we’ll choose a time of day that fits your schedule but for younger children, it’s also important to consider what time of day they are generally at their best.

We will also talk about what you hope to get from the session and that will influence the clothing choices, the lighting styles I will use, the backgrounds I will have ready (or will create in during the editing process), and shooting methods I will employ. Perhaps you and your child might be interested in a sports themed session, a high fashion session, a vintage clothing session, a rock and roll session, or just a casual dress session. We will work together to choose clothing, accessories, toys and props to bring to the session. Whatever vision you have, I will do my best to create it.

Session dates and times are confirmed by the payment of a $50 session fee. Kids being kids, I know they often get sick and re-scheduling is sometimes required. A little advance notice is greatly appreciated, but no additional fee is required to reschedule your initial date and time.

Within a few weeks of your session, you will be invited to return to my studio to view the proofs from the session and place your order. This is sometimes difficult with so many great pictures to choose from, I will objectively assist you and make sure you’re completely satisfied with your final choices.

As you’ll see on my pricing & policies PDF (sent to you long before the session), my pricing encourages the purchase of prints, especially wall portraits. Yes, there will be many incredible images to view, but often there are a few that really speak to your heart. The best way to view those images in the future is on a decent sized wall portrait hung with love and prominence in your home. The kind of image that, even though you’ve seen it a million times, you still find yourself smiling at as you see it on your wall. These days everyone seems to want digital files too, and my pricing is set to ensure that along with your wall portrait, you’ll still have a selection of your favourite images available to either order from me, have printed yourself, or just share on social media. As the size of your wall portrait order increases, so too does the number of free digital files that are included with your order. Of course, if you prefer a digital file only type order, that option is also available.

If you have any questions at all, or are ready to book your session with the Niagara Region’s premier children’s portrait photographer, email or call the studio today.

Email: mail@chrismccooey.photography

Call: 289-407-8559

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